The Redhead Obsession

Having red hair is like being born a diamond – you’re immediately tougher, and way better looking. ~ Race Imboden

Jan Siegmund
Jan Siegmund is fascinated by his hair in his portrait for ‘Red Hot 100’. I’m also fascinated… © Thomas Knights

So, if you’ve read my About page, you’d realise that I have a thing for redheads. Redheaded men, to be more precise. Just by looking at my header you might be able to realise it as well. But where did this ‘obsession’ come from, and why?

A lot of my friends are a little baffled at the craze that I have. But I don’t see it’s anything to be ashamed of, or any different from someone liking blonde-haired or dark-haired men. There is a stigma about redheaded men that photographer Thomas Knights has tried to remove through his Red Hot 100 campaign and exhibition. Henceforth, I will be using images from said exhibition in this post, because they truly encompass the beauty of a redheaded man.

So, WHEN did this obsession start? I could probably give you the year. 2009!

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